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  1. In Tennessee, the governor has, at present, more than 40 taxpayer-funded “lobbyists” whose jobs include telling the elected legislators what the “administration” wants the law to be.
  2. The Attorney General ‘is not in a position to defend the merits of a provision that is indistinguishable in relevant part from a provision that he has opined is unconstitutional.
  3. A woman and her female friend were attacked while they waited in their car. This carjacking didn't go the way the robbers planned.
  4. If the Secret Service has “100 records totaling over 400 pages,” why did they tell me -- and by extension, the court -- under penalty of perjury that they had none?
  5. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6X24Mm Rifle Scope with a matching mount for $359.99 after coupon code and FREE shipping.
  6. NSSF recently received the following important message from ATF regarding updates and revisions to the revised ATF Form 4473.
  7. Mossberg added optic-ready versions of their venerable 500 & 835 Ulti-Mag pump actions to their extensive line of turkey shotguns
  8. In the 25 states that have not passed constitutional carry, there’s no quick way for a potential victim to legally purchase and carry a defensive firearm.
  9. 100 round bricks of CCI 22 LR Mini-Mag Target 40Gr ammunition, just $8.37 with flat rate shipping.
  10. The RAPiD Safe Ready Vault Series is loaded with modern technology and proven security features to keep firearms secure while accessible.




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