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  1. Brownells, in partnership with Ed Brown, has added the first handgun to its Retro line of firearms, releasing the BRN-1911, a 45 ACP semi-automatic pistol.

    The post Brownells Adds Classic Custom 1911 to Retro Line appeared first on

  2. When you are reloading always think consistency. The more you can keep all variables the same from cartridge to cartridge the better results you’ll achieve on the range.

    The post Consistency Reloading Tips for Precision Long-Range Shooting appeared first on

  3. SWORD International is excited to announce that their highly popular MK-17 rifle is now available to the civilian market.

    The post SWORD International Introduces the MK-17 Rifle to the Civilian Market appeared first on

  4. Aero Precision has an introductory promotion on a complete Aero AR15 Pistol Complete Lower with MOE Grip & SB Tactical SBM4 Brace for only $263.49 and FREE shipping.

    The post Daily Deals: Aero AR15 Pistol Complete Lower & SB Tactical SBM4 Brace $263.49 FREEshp appeared first on

  5. Tom McHale schools us on how he builds range logs with precision rifle data for getting on zero when long-range shooting.

    The post Precision Rifle Data for Long-Range Shooting: Building Range Logs appeared first on

  6. The Judge rejected efforts by Stacey Abrams and her radical allies to undermine the democratic process and rule of law in Georgia." "He slammed the door on attempts to count illegal votes"

    The post Judge’s Ruling Solidifies Kemp’s Election Day Victory as Georgia Governor appeared first on

  7. We are a far cry from Walter Chronkite's time when you just reported the facts of the story. Instead of trying to be the story.

    The post Death of Journalism appeared first on

  8. Springfield Armory’s brand new SAINT Edge Pistol combines the most popular features of the most premium SAINT in the lineup with the compact shootability of a pistol platform.

    The post New SAINT Edge Pistol from Springfield Armory appeared first on

  9. There appears to be no end to the counting of ballots, meaning, It ain’t over til the Democrat wins in Florida’s Broward County.

    The post Down For The Count, & Count, & Count… appeared first on

  10. The effort to get companies like FedEx to cut ties with the NRA is part of an effort to stigmatize the Second Amendment and those who defend it. Here is what you can do to counter that.

    The post Dealing with Social Stigmatization of the Second Amendment appeared first on




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