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  1. Every soldier who died for the country was a blessing from God. They came on Earth us to save our lives. Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2018 to you and your family on the day which honors the brave..

    The post On The Wings Of Our Freedom appeared first on

  2. Doug Ritter of Knife Rights, 28 pro knife bills passed in 20 states in eight years, that is the success of Knife Right. That is a pretty enviable record.

    The post Interview with Doug Ritter, Founder of Knife Rights appeared first on

  3. Hillary Clinton, while speaking at Yale, presents her very own Russian Hat. who did she have to collude with to get that?

    The post The Mad Hatter appeared first on

  4. Grayboe is pleased to announce the full release of the Ridgeback stock to include Long Action and Short Action with both DBM or BDL inlet options.

    The post Grayboe Releases Full Line-Up of Ridgeback Stock and Bottom Metal appeared first on

  5. Recently, Attorney General Becerra said, “Here in California, we respect the Constitution and follow the law.” But neither is true.

    The post Gun Rights Groups Serve California AG Petition to Stop Breaking the Law appeared first on

  6. Unable (yet) to attain their goals by force, they resort to fraud via professional propagandists.

    The post Shannon Watts Disparages Lake Hefner ‘Good Guys with Gun’ appeared first on

  7. Panteao Productions is happy to announce the release via online streaming of Make Ready with Viking Tactics: Pistol 1.5 with Kyle Lamb & Chili Palmer.

    The post New Viking Tactics Training Video Available From Panteao appeared first on

  8. U.S. threats to crush Iran and North Korea may yet work, but as of now neither Tehran nor Pyongyang appears to be intimidated.

    The post Is US Bellicosity Backfiring? appeared first on

  9. Kanye West is not saying anything different from what Dr. Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Jason Riley, I and other black libertarians/conservatives have been saying for decades.

    The post Kanye and Democrats appeared first on

  10. Bergara Rifles recently hosted the first 2018 Bergara Experience on May 19th in Cresson, Texas. Participants had the opportunity to try out Bergara’s latest line of rifles at ranges from 100-1000...

    The post Bergara Experience Boasts Tremendous Success at the Triple C Shooting Range appeared first on




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